Meet Doyenne

Audacious Women Working Together

Doyenne membership is comprised of Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneur Supporters.

Doyenne members are women starting new businesses, or have been growing and guiding their businesses for years. Member benefits include:

  • Access to our community of support
  • Limited-seating at Doyenne professional development programs
  • Opportunities to pitch your business to investors and the community
  • Networking and member-only events with other entrepreneurs and professionals
  • An introduction to the wide-ranging expertise of the Doyenne network who are individuals available for coaching, mentoring, one-on-one consultations, and more

Individuals who are established women and men entrepreneurs, as well as business leaders who are looking to mentor, support, and empower early-stage women entrepreneurs are encouraged to also become Doyenne Ambassador members. If you are passionate about empowering smart women to unlock their potential and positively contribute to our community but are not an entrepreneur yourself, there’s a place for you at Doyenne. Join us today and lend your talents and experience to help others find their success.

Wherever our members are on the continuum, they are committed to entrepreneurial success and changing the face of entrepreneurship in the Madison-region and beyond.

If you’d like to join the Doyenne community, check out our membership options or attend an event.

If you’d like to schedule a time to talk about Doyenne membership and how we can support what you please request a meeting using the calendar scheduler below. Dates that are bolded have available times to meet.

Once you’ve joined you will receive a personal email invite from a Doyenne Membership Committee Member to attend a Doyenne New Member Coffee Event. Those dates are listed below, but are only open to recently joined Doyenne members.