Tricia Perkins

Non-Entrepreneur, Clark & Gotzler. Attorneys at Law

Tricia joined Clark & Gotzler in 2017, with over 20 years of experience in the Human Resources profession. Prior to joining the Firm, Tricia held various in-house human resources positions in the hospitality, property management and financial industries and advised leadership of start-ups, small and large business and non-profits as a human resources consultant. Most recently, Tricia worked as a human resources advisor through her own consultancy business.

Tricia is frequently retained by clients to navigate difficult employee situations, align HR processes with the organization's culture, conduct sensitive workplace investigations based on harassment and discrimination, facilitate mediations to improve workplace relationships and train staff on management development and compliance topics, such as interviewing, performance management, professionalism and anti-harassment. Tricia is a certified trainer in DiSC and Myers-Briggs.

Clark & Gotzler, Attorneys at Law, recognizes that many HR issues do not require legal counsel – and the associated costs. Savvy leaders carefully select the appropriate solution for a particular task or challenge. In short, there is a time for legal advice and a time for HR guidance. Our principals have decades of legal and practical comprehensive human resources experience. Our HR team is comprised of experts within their respective fields of human resources, benefits, and payroll, with decades of valuable experience, education and licensure. Our legal and HR teams work in close concert with one another and all HR work is managed and overseen by our experienced employment law attorneys. Together, we have worked with employers and workforces of all sizes, in a variety of industries, all over the country. We take the time to listen closely and develop a plan specific to your HR challenges and needs.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Growth
  • Human Resources

Available for coaching and speaking.

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