Tiffany Mullen

Entrepreneur, WellnessScript LLC

Dr. Tiffany Mullen is CEO and cofounder of WellnessScript, a consultative holistic Telehealth platform. A seasoned healthcare enterprise leader and dually-board certified physician (family and integrative medicine), Dr. Mullen provides Telehealth (video visit) consultations in areas that are not well-addressed by traditional medicine, such as fatigue, thyroid, and hormone imbalance. She strives to correct the root cause of the symptoms, acknowledging biological, behavioral and lifestyle contributions.

WellnessScript is the world’s first comprehensive, consultative, holistic Telehealth platform. We provide in-depth functional and integrative medicine video visits to get at the root cause of symptoms. We deliver compounded, customized medications as well as personalized supplement packets directly to patients’ homes. Additionally, our in-home lab test kits allow patients to perform simple but powerful lab tests without the hassle of going to an impersonal and sterile lab facility. Our physicians and other clinicians are seasoned experts in the area of integrative, functional, anti-aging, and naturopathic medicine. We can be reached at Our website isĀ

Areas of Expertise

  • Entrepreneurship

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