Tammy Taylor

Entrepreneur, CrossGen Solutions LLC

I am an experienced executive leader and successful consultant using talent to launch a new forward thinking company called CrossGen Solutions. I want to use the talents of my team to make my customers even more successful than they are now.

CrossGen Solutions LLC is a company focused on providing high quality, reasonably priced consulting services. Our services include management consulting, strategic planning & execution, change management, project management and process improvement.

CrossGen Solutions is so named as it brings highly skilled and experienced senior level consultants and junior level consultants together to research, develop alternate solutions and execute for our customers. Our culture is truly based upon the expectation that junior level consultants bring as much to the table as the most seasoned veteran as their value is in looking at issues from a different perspective. Both generations work together to bring forth unique yet realistic and actionable solutions to solve our client’s business challenges.

Available for coaching and speaking.

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