Stacy Jax

Entrepreneur, Trinity Gunshot Alarm System, LLC

Stacy has experience as a classroom teacher which brought about a keen awareness of the challenges in dealing with emergency response procedures in a school environment. Utilizing her business skills from 25 years of ownership in a family real estate/property management company, Stacy combined her business acumen with her teaching experience to develop a product useful to the business and school environments that can prove very useful in unexpected, emergency situations.

Trinity provides specialized security equipment that immediately detects the sound of a gunshot when fired within a building. The systems’ unique communication program will sound the building alarm while simultaneously notifying emergency responders with the exact date, time and very specific location in the building where the shot/s were fired. Trinity knows that providing critical, accurate, immediate information of a very threatening situation can reduce casualties and create a faster, more efficient, unified response.

Areas of Expertise

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Available for coaching and speaking.

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