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Lifebook Builder will be a website and app that adoptive parents can use to build, manage, and export Lifebook pages. Each adoptive child will have their own unique Lifebook that will share their personal history with them. Some information that needs to be included in a Lifebook are details about their birth, birth parents, heritage, and if known, why they were adopted. Lifebook Builder has multiple sections that need to be completed and will be used to create the Lifebook. Each section has a fill in the blank concept to ensure all personal history components are considered. Pictures and other critical pieces of information can also be added. Once all sections are completed, the adoptive parent will have the option to create an online Lifebook (with a paid subscription to access/update it) or to export the Lifebook as multiple JPG or PDF pages (priced per page). The default export will allow for JPG or PDF pages to be 8×11, however, other page sizes will be available. It is important for adoptive parents to share different levels of details of the child’s history at different ages. Lifebook Builder will allow the adoptive parent to document all details of the child’s history but only export or share specific details at various ages. Because the LIfebook is something that is used throughout an adoptive child’s life, Lifebook Builder will ensure the Lifebook is available online for as long as the adoptive parents have a subscription in place. In addition to or in lieu of a paid subscription, the adoptive parent may export JPG or PDF pages of the Lifebook that they can then have printed as a Photobook. Lifebook Builder supports all types of adoptions including domestic, international, open, closed, and from Foster Care. Because there could be many people involved in an adoption, the adoptive parents will have the option to invite other people to contribute to the Lifebook creation. For example, in Foster Care, there is a possibility that a case worker and former placements may have personal information about that child that should be included in the Lifebook. Lifebook Builder will partner with many Foster Care and Adoptive agencies across the United States to ensure that all critical pieces of personal history are included in the sections and templates.

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