Mary Stelletello

Entrepreneur, Vista Global Coaching & Consulting

Mary Stelletello is a global leadership development catalyst whose leadership journey began when she was 9 years old as the first girl to play little league in a town outside Chicago. Her love for Latin America began with 7th grade Spanish class. At age 21, she traveled to Ecuador as a volunteer with Amigos de las Americas. Since then, Mary has spent time in 12 Latin American countries, deepening her connection to the Latin American culture. In 2012, as Chair of the Board of Amigos de las Americas, Mary convened the Board Retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico and fell in love with the region. She and her husband now spend 4 months every year living in Oaxaca.

Over the last 25 years, she has led 5 different nonprofit organizations focused on children and youth development and began her consulting career in 2007 with a national firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mary became an “accidental entrepreneur” when she launched Vista Global Coaching & Consulting in 2010. Vista Global became Wisconsin’s first certified B Corp in 2012, partnering with organizations and individuals to make meaningful change in the world. She has designed and facilitated leadership programs in New Mexico, Hawaii, California, North Dakota, Wisconsin and several Latin American countries.

Vista Global supports nonprofit executives, social entrepreneurs, and rising leaders through personalized coaching services and nonprofit organizations, foundations and socially responsible businesses through consulting services.

Mary holds a MA in Latin American Studies and an MBA in International Management from the University of New Mexico. She received a BA in Political Economics with a minor in Spanish from the University of California, Berkeley. Mary is a PCC certified professional coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation and uses these skills to support leaders in achieving their full potential.

Vista Global Coaching & Consulting (VGCC), a certified B Corp since 2012 partners with organizations and individuals to make meaningful change in the world. Whether you are navigating change on a personal, professional or organizational level, VGCC services will guide you to your vision.

VGCC supports nonprofit executives, social entrepreneurs, young leaders or socially responsible businesses through personalized coaching services and nonprofit organizations and foundations through consulting services.

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