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Each page in the chapters of my decades have challenged me to grow and learn. I have used tools to strategize and create a life that has allowed me to know “I am not done yet!” The chapter titles of my life include Public Librarian, Building Consultant, Mother, Sales Consultant for Women in Higher Education, Partner, and Adjunct Professor. At 62, I stepped off the stoop of my last career job and said, "Now what?" Creating Life's a Daring Adventure, Retiree Rebels and writing a book are the "whats" today. Life’s STILL a daring adventure. I hope you’ll join me on my continuing journey, and that I can be an important part of yours.

Helen Keller suggests that “Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing.” I believe folks have a dream yet undone. My personal coaching and motivational speaking works with great individuals and organizations ready to create and begin living their daring adventure whether in mid-life or pre-retirement.
Retiree Rebels ( inspires and supports retirees to move beyond the limitations of past ageist stereotypes, to aspire and achieve new goals by reinvention. Through audio blogs/podcasts we push the retirement envelope encouraging folks to just “Ditch the Rocking Chair”.

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