Lindsey Roddy

Entrepreneur, Medical Tubing Organizer (MTO)

The inspiration to start this company came out of my personal experience as an intensive care nurse. After almost having one of my own patients die from this issue, and finding nothing adequate out there to prevent this from happening again, I began creating a solution. I am a PhD student at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and a nurse, with a passion for innovation in healthcare.

In healthcare settings tangled lines, pinched tubes, and knotted cords are a sinister risk, yet represent a significant opportunity.
They cost money, limit provider efficiency, compromise hospital reputation, and take lives.
In a $3 trillion health care economy, direct care staff are literally taping together various medical supplies in an attempt to solve this problem.
The Medical Tubing Organizer (MTO) is a device that enhances patient safety, mobility, and staff efficiency leading to better patient outcomes and saved lives.

Areas of Expertise

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