Lauren Koshere


I'm a writer with a passion for nature, science, and food and a lifelong curiosity about entrepreneurship. I've previously worked in various writing, marketing, and fundraising roles, but am currently doing contract work and focusing on the goal of publishing my first book, Pie-Worthy. Based on my experiences and observations as a lifelong baker, it shares stories and advice for baking in romantic relationships (whatever you do, you do not want to make a pie too soon!).

I have explored a few different business ideas and am working to decide where to focus in the future. One business is for delicious, quality cookies packaged and marketed specifically for hunters/anglers/outdoorspeople – I tested this idea, Ten-Point Cookies, in northern Wisconsin over deer hunting season last fall: Another idea is for a business that produces and delivers high quality bone broth as a healthful gift/registry product for convalescents, seniors, and new moms. But, as a writer first and foremost, my major creative/entrepreneurial goal at the moment is to learn new ways to make income from my craft while working to publish my first book.

Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing
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Available for speaking.

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