Laurel Burleson

Entrepreneur, UGLY APPLE CAFE

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and that's where I decided I wanted to make food my career. I want to school at Northern Michigan University and moved back to Chicago to work in some exciting restaurants in the city. After a few years my family and I wanted some more open spaces and Madison was the perfect mix of events and beautiful parks for hiking. When I started my business I also wanted to make a difference by helping to minimize food waste as best I can.

Ugly Apple Cafe is a food cart serving breakfast food to downtown Madison and farmers markets. Whenever possible, I try to buy local produce that would otherwise go to waste because there’s too much or because of scratches and dents. The ugly apple can become a delicious fritter! I am expanding my business into fruit preservation like canning jellies and jams and dehydrating into fruit leathers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Entrepreneurship

Available for speaking.

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