Katherine Ramirez

Entrepreneur, adBidtise

With over 30 years of advertising & sales experience. Kat offers expertise as a sought-after Advertising Consultant and Respect Advertising Market Leader. Kat is currently the CEO and Founder of adBidtise - helping businesses Stand Out, Survive, Succeed & Grow with affordable advertising options. Previously, Katherine’s advertising sales experience has covered five markets with high-profile broadcast television companies. 

“Kat is the Robin Hood of advertising!”

adBidtise – Affordable Advertising Options!

Advocating . Educating . Empowering

Our mission is to help businesses Stand Out, Survive, Succeed and GROW with affordable advertising options!

In the 30 plus years, I met with business owners – The number 1 reason Businesses DON’T advertise is because they say they can’t afford it! “You Can’t afford NOT to advertise!”​ ~adBidtise

FACT 50 percent of Businesses will FAIL in the 1st Year!
FACT 95 percent FAIL within 5 years!
FACT Over 75 percent of Businesses Don’t advertise at ALL!

adBidtise is the Robin Hood of advertising for businesses.

We offer free Education & consulting to Businesses and teach them about advertising, how it works and how it can HELP their business GROW.

Areas of Expertise

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Event Planning
  • Growing Customer Base

Available for coaching and speaking.

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