Joseline Nyinawabera

Entrepreneur, BlkBld.Co was founded in June 2018, by Joseline Nyinawabera. The founder is a change agent and advocate for equal resources for all, who saw a significant success and financial gap between black owned businesses and sought to close the gap.
Having started her own businesses and learning key to be successful while starting and running a business, worked for a world leading international company in marketing and management, studied marketing, management and human resources at a top 20 University and a self-educator, Joseline has learned and continues to learn what tools and strategies to use to be successful. She is passionate about helping other businesses leaders succeed using her to guide them to success. is a boutique marketing agency that provides customized marketing consultations and strategic business solutions for black owned businesses to grow and scale their organizations to achieve financial freedom. boutique agency is made up of two services, Business and Brand Building and Growth and Business Scaling. which can work together or independently.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Growth
  • Design
  • Event Planning
  • Growing Customer Base

Available for coaching and speaking.

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