Ellen Millar

Entrepreneur, The Wonder of Yoga, LLC

At the age of 74 with declining health and a lack of interest in life, I started yoga. Yoga transformed me. I am now certified to teach yoga and recently completed the Duke University Integrative Medicine "Yoga for Seniors Master Class" where I was trained by top-notch medical professionals to work with people with limitations. I am a changed person with a mission to introduce those with limitations to yoga.

The Wonder of Yoga, LLC was formed in 2016 after I become certified as a yoga teacher. My mission is to provide yoga for seniors and others with limitations, modifying traditional yoga to each individual’s needs. It has become evident that (1) everyone can benefit from a yoga practice, (2) it is hard to motivate seniors to go to a yoga studio (they feel out of place and often not welcomed), (3) most yoga studios are too expensive for seniors on fixed incomes, (4) many seniors no longer drive and do not have transportation, (5) at this time there are not enough interested seniors at any senior apartment complex for it to be efficient offering classes to them in their community rooms. It is time for a Yoga Studio Especially for Seniors.

Areas of Expertise

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Available for coaching and speaking.

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