Ellen Merker

Entrepreneur, Heart Consulting, LLC

Ellen Merker started Heart Consulting LLC in 2017, after seeing the need for more resources around sexual assault and domestic violence in the disability community. After receiving her Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Psychology, Ellen worked for over 5 years as a case manager and transition coordinator for adults with developmental disabilities, then as an IRIS Consultant. In 2015, she piloted a program with the Rape Crisis Center to provide education to young adults with developmental disabilities around healthy relationships. Ellen has twice been selected to present this work at the End Abuse WI conferences, and continues to collaborate with the Rape Crisis Center and other local support agencies.

Everyone deserves to have meaningful relationships. Too often, people with disabilities are left out of important conversations that could ensure their safety when getting involved in intimate-partner relationships. HEART Consulting LLC provides services to both prevent violence through education and community outreach, and support survivors through advocacy and empowerment. Our vision is to reduce violence through education, outreach, support, and advocacy, based on each individual’s needs.

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Available for coaching and speaking.

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