Efrat Livny


I am in the process of creating a center Threshold: A Place for Creativity, Community, and Well-Being. Located on Atwood Ave. the beautifully renovated building (4300 sq. ft.) will house my own business along with 4-6 additional businesses and retail. The back of the building is a large community room with a garden in the back. I am leasing the building for 4 years with an option to renew of two additional three year periods. I am seeking tenants who have a solid business, practice or retail yet have a passion, a willingness and a commitment to sharing expertise, resources, ideas and support and to generating offerings, programs and resources for the larger community in strategic and financially viable way. I am looking to create a new model for a working environment that is both a successful business and a place that offers opportunities for growth, skills, well-being and service for the community. I hope that Threshold can seed additional ventures and/or be replicated in other locations or communities.

Areas of Expertise

  • Entrepreneurship

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