Cindy Poiesz

Entrepreneur, Supernola

Cindy’s background is corporate investment banking in the energy sector, but her true passions are health, wellness, and delicious food. She applied her analytical and research skills to the food industry, which help produce out-of-the-box innovation and creativity. Cindy created Supernola for her own health benefits while still working in finance, and soon realized that her analytical and financial skills could be successfully married with her passions. Cindy’s strengths lie not only in financial analysis, corporate finance and mergers/acquisitions, but also in analyzing and developing food for both a health and appetite appeal. Her unique approach has led to the creation of innovative snack products that consumers increasingly desire and a creative innovation pipeline for EVOLVE Brands.

We believe a better world starts with better foods. Food that is good for your body, good for the earth, and tastes great too. EVOLVE Brands is the leader in mindful snacking, with two brands: Supernola and Gorilly Goods. Evolve the way we think. Evolve the way we act. Evolve the way we snack.

Areas of Expertise

  • Entrepreneurshipship
  • Finance

Available for speaking.

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