Christina Outlay

Entrepreneur, colorcoded Wisconsin

Christina Outlay is a professor of Information Technology (IT) at UW-Whitewater (UW-W) and creator of colorcoded, whose mission is to get more girls, minorities and low-income youth interested in computing. She also runs the CyberGirlz middle school summer camp at UW-Whitewater and self-supports two IT scholarships for UW-W IT students, one for women and another for African Americans. She holds a bachelors and masters from DePaul University and a PhD from University of Illinois at Chicago and has over 10 years IT corporate experience. In addition to IT, Christina teaches WERQ, H.I.I.T, boot camp and Spinning classes in the Madison area. Christina is a 2017 Brava Woman to Watch and has been quoted in The Capital Times, Madison 365, and Wisconsin State Journal.

colorcoded’s primary goal is to increase the number of girls and minority and low income youth participating in computing through a combination of activities, group work, interaction with mentors and paid internships.

Areas of Expertise

  • Technical/IT

Available for speaking.

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