Christie Gause-Bemis

Entrepreneur, Hot Pink YOUniversity

Christie is a co-founder of Hot Pink YOUniversity along with Ann Murgatroyd Soe. Christie and Ann are both psychotherapists who have worked with women for decades. They are the authors of Ignite Your Life: Live Life with Passion, Purpose and Play. Their program, Woman on Fire is an intensive 6 month transformational program for women and Hot Pink Business Stiletto Camp works with women to get clear and focused on entrepreneurial endeavors.

We work with women to Re-ignite Passion, Purpose and Play in life. Women often become disconnected from what makes them feel pleasure and brings them joy. As natural caretakers, we become last on our to-do list. We work with women to empower them to create a life she desires now through mentoring, retreats, travel and events.

Areas of Expertise

  • Entrepreneurship

Available for coaching and speaking.

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