Betsy Repaske

Entrepreneur, DwellHop

We are a hybrid real estate brokerage providing different levels of service from flat fee through full service. Our goal is to change the real estate industry by providing transparency and choice. We offer buyers and sellers a choice in level of service as well as the price they pay. We believe that the current real estate market offers buyers and sellers few choices between going it alone and paying premium prices without a guarantee of how much work an agent will actually do for the,. With the rise in DIY, many industries have adapted to their clients purchasing habits. The real estate industry is no different, more than 90% of buyers starting their search online. Buyer’s especially our handling a large majority of the search process on their own. Our flexible brokerage model is the first step in our plan to fill this niche and altering our prices provides an attractive incentive.

Our long term goal, that is currently in the early stages of development is to provide an online application that will allow home buyers and sellers to facilitate real estate transactions much more autonomously. We are currently calling it the DwellHop Marketplace.

Our goal is to grow by building an online marketplace where buyers and sellers will be able to not only search but interact directly. With this software as a service, DwellHop buyers and sellers will truly have the full range of service options from self-guided to full service all with professional assistance when they need it. When a buyer finds a house in the marketplace they will have the option to schedule a showing directly with the seller or to contact an agent to show them the house. Once they have seen the house they will again have the option to either submit an offer themselves, work with an agent, or have legal professionals review their offer. This marketplace will have a guided process that facilitates house listings, exchanging offers, maintain paperwork and signatures, and has connections to key partners like mortgage lenders and inspectors. The same idea goes for sellers as well, with them being able to choose to list their property themselves as a true FSBO, a flat fee MLS listing, or sign with a full service listing agent.

We believe in the expertise of Real Estate Agents and are not trying to replace them. We see this marketplace as something that could be used by DIY-ers and agents alike while giving everyone the opportunity to choose the level of service and the amount of money they are willing to spend. Our vision for expansion includes establishing brokerages to support the marketplace in other cities as we grow.

Areas of Expertise

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