Annette Miller

Entrepreneur, EQT by Design

My professional experience has created an individual who seeks to make a difference everyday with intention. My passion is ensuring inclusion and engagement is front and center in my work. I have strong policy and analytic skills, a wide network of community, government and business relationships, and extensive networks and relationships within Madison and Dane County's diverse populations. A key strength is as a connector between community, business, and nonprofits; which I believe results in developing and implementing ideas and strategies that are inclusive, and resilient which produces a strong community backbone.

I have three kids, two which are school aged, and a grown adult, and I have been married for 20-years to my partner in life. I am not from Madison, but I came to school here and have since built a family, career, and a life spanning 30 years in this community.

EQT by Design offers inclusive and equitable design processes for organizations. Our work gives organizations the opportunity to build sustainable, diverse, and inclusive perspectives to ensure by design their business serves the needs of their diverse customers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Design
  • Economic Development
  • Growing Customer Base
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Planning

Available for coaching and speaking.

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