Amy Kerwin

Entrepreneur, Primates Incorporated

Amy lives on the east side of Madison with her husband, Michael, and two cats. She enjoys playing trombone for charitable causes and advocating for the retirement of monkeys from labs into sanctuaries.

Amy Kerwin founded Primates Incorporated in 2004 after working in a laboratory for five years with 97 rhesus monkeys at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She discovered how amazing and intelligent they were and began networking with other laboratories to see if primate retirement was possible. Although her laboratory did not have a retirement program in place, other laboratories did. Since she heard of sanctuaries rejecting the laboratories due to capacity issues, Kerwin felt the need to form a sanctuary in Wisconsin. She resigned from the laboratory and obtained a Masters of Business Administration degree so that she could form Primates Incorporated and involve the community in giving back to these amazing beings.

Areas of Expertise

  • Entrepreneurship

Available for coaching and speaking.

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