Amber Swenor

Entrepreneur, Strategic Partners Marketing

I founded Strategic Partners Marketing (SPM) In April 2015 with the vision of serving small local businesses who are underserved by traditional agencies in our market. My goal was to create a marketing firm that would specialize in small, growing businesses who need marketing consultation and implementation, and we have been doing just that!
At SPM we help clients develop integrated marketing campaigns built on a foundation of brand fundamentals, ensuring that all of the marketing elements are working together toward the same goals. We offer Brand Strategy Consultation, Web Design, Graphic Design, Videography, Content Development, Search Engine Optimization strategies, Social Media Strategy and Management, Public Relations and Media Negotiation and Placement.
As business has grown I’ve met more entrepreneurs and very small businesses that want and need the guidance I can provide. I wanted to make marketing strategy more accessible to all businesses, and so I created Amberdella Consulting, an online digital marketing firm with the goal of providing access to helpful tools and resources. I will be selling group classes, making access more accessible to all businesses and empowering entrepreneurs in their marketing.

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