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Lisa Taylor

What is your background? What got you to where you are now?

I have a background in finance and in human resources, as well as mortgage lending. The common theme in all those jobs was risk management, so when I wanted to make a change I realized that LegalShield provides the ultimate risk management.  Now I am able to help businesses, owners and their employees to reduce risk and get the identity theft protection and the legal protection that they need in a very affordable program.

What business do you own/work for?

LegalShield Business Solutions

What made you decide to start your business?   

Although LegalShield has been in business for over 40 years, it is only marketed by referral and word-of-mouth.  I wanted to make people aware of all the different ways we can protect and grow businesses, and protect families.

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in life and why?

Running my first half marathon was a big accomplishment for me because I began training for that right after I finished chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.

What is your biggest accomplishment in your business and why?

I feel that my efforts are now providing results that are multiplying exponentially. I have been able to create some great partnerships and I love to see the LegalShield services in action for so many people.

What is the biggest obstacle that you have face while in business? What is the biggest fear that you have for your business?

The biggest obstacle is truly just getting people to spend 5 or 10 minutes looking at what we do. Once they see what we offer, the conversation is easy. With identity theft in the news every day, it has become easier to catch people’s attention and they are much more willing to listen. I don’t really have any fears for my business at this point. We are unique and gaining lots of momentum!

What does Madison need to encourage entrepreneurs to stay and grow their businesses?

Mentoring, resources and support. The Doyenne Group is great for that!

What words of advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t focus on your obstacles. Focus on your goals and the obstacles will fade away.

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