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    Doyenne is the Right Investment

    Doyenne creates equitable communities where women entrepreneurs from all backgrounds are recognized for their power and potential.

    Doyenne believes everyone should be their audacious selves. This means being brave, bold, empowered, accomplished and using your voice to make change happen. Women aren’t broken, the public perception of entrepreneurship is. Women do not need to be anything besides their badass-selves to be able to build the ventures of their dreams and accomplish all their entrepreneurial goals.

    “When you help a woman, you help a woman entrepreneur, you help an entire economy” Julann Jactzak, VP of Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation

    The Power of Doyenne. Between Madison and Milwaukee, Doyenne hosts over 30 events throughout a year. Some programming is open for the public to attend, and some focuses on the entrepreneur’s professional development and is specifically for our members.

    Doyenne’s 2019 Fundraising goal is $50,000 from individual contributors. Doyenne programming is offered at the lowest price possible for entrepreneurs. All dollars brought into Doyenne through donations and sponsorship go towards offsetting these fees so cost is never a barrier for startup entrepreneurs to be able to build their skills to become the leader their company needs to be able to continue to grow.

    The $50,000 will be deployed within Doyenne to impact 200 entrepreneurs through our programming, coaching, and community partnerships to move the dial towards gender parity.

    • In Madison alone, Doyenne annually impacts over 100 Wisconsin-based companies through our developmental programming, funding opportunities, and coaching
    • Doyenne has steadily seen a 20% growth in programming attendance over the past four years
    • Thousands of individuals have been impacted over our 7 years through our systematic approach to working within an ecosystem

    Membership that works for entrepreneurs. With over 250 members part of the organization,
    women entrepreneurs receive strategic guidance for growing their ventures.

    • Workshops identified as Developmental Programming
    • Monthly Featured Entrepreneur
    • Funding through the Doyenne Evergreen Fund
    • Access to our network of individuals and resources
    • Promotion of venture and services offered
    • Visibility through Doyenne public events and partnered programming

    Join our Movement. Your investment in Doyenne makes it possible for us to continue to provide impact within the Wisconsin entrepreneurial ecosystem.
    Every $250 donated to Doyenne means an entrepreneur is able to gain knowledge through Doyenne programming and opportunities.

    Be Audacious!

    Women Entrepreneurship Wisconsin & National Stats

    Yes, this Sh*t still happens in 2019. Women entrepreneurs are a source of untapped potential in our community who have tremendous economic and social impact. Yet women have less access to critical resources such as mentoring, networks, and funding than their male counterparts.

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