The Doyenne Brand Strategy Series, powered by Amberdella, is a partnership to guide entrepreneurs in developing a deeper understanding of their company and develop a solid foundational strategy to steer growth.

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The Brand Strategy Series costs $350 for the three workshops included in the series.

A brand is not the logo, font, or color choice; those are important brand visuals that are derived from an intentional strategy. A brand is all the things that make up why a company exists and the experience the company provides its stakeholders: customers, employees, investors, and the broader community. A brand is the company’s promise to the world.

The process of creating an intentional brand begins the moment that you develop your business idea. Over time, the brand becomes clearer, and is deepened as your company grows and evolves. The foundation serves as a guiding compass for all aspects of your company: the brand strategy guides the marketing efforts, it informs your company culture, hiring decisions and unites your staff together toward a shared vision and mission.

In this series of Brand Strategy workshops, Amber Swenor is going to guide you through the steps to develop a foundation for your company’s brand. The Series includes 3 workshops hosted at StartingBlock in downtown Madison. This Series is offered multiple times a year.

Series Format

Series Format (see below for session descriptions):

  • Workshop 1: Brand Foundation (1 hr virtual)
  • Workshop 2: Customer Feedback (2.5 hr in person)
  • Workshop 3: Intentional Brand Strategy (2.5 hr in person)

Key Benefits:

  • Clarity in what your brand is
  • Confidence to move forward with marketing efforts that are rooted in strategy
  • Clearer vision for where your company is headed

Key Deliverables:

  • Defined mission, vision, and values to be documented, shared with your team and utilized as a steering compass for company decisions
  • Developed customer personas that informs your marketing so that you are clear on who you are communicating to, why, and how to do so more effectively
  • Developed brand positioning and messaging statements that can be used in your marketing
  • Potential re-design direction for your brand or marketing assets (logo, colors, fonts, print materials, websites), as now informed by this new information
  • A road-map to guide future company operations and decisions, rooted in a solid foundation for why your company exists and what you are aiming to accomplish

The Facilitator

Amber Swenor is the Founder of Strategic Partners Marketing & Amberdella, a Brand Strategist, and a rock star. Amber works with clients to evaluate their brand, understand their goals, and develop a strategy that will deliver the results they seek. Amber’s experience spans a lifetime of curiosity and entrepreneurial pursuits, including experience in sales, digital marketing, media, strategic partnership development, and event management experience. Ask her any marketing-related question, and if she doesn’t have the answer, she’ll find it.

Amber enjoys writing and educating fellow entrepreneurs and has been honored to be featured on Madison Noteworthy, Huffington Post, Drum Up, In Business, and Forbes.

Amber was honored as a 2017 Brava Magazine Woman to Watch, a 2017 In Business Magazine 40 under 40, and a 2017 ATHENA Young Professional finalist. She’s an active member of Doyenne and Dane Buy Local, and serves as a board member for the Monona East Side Business Alliance (MESBA). She also provided marketing leadership for the inaugural Between the Waves Madison Music Festival & Conference.

Session Descriptions

Session 1: What is the purpose of a Brand? To develop your brand, it’s important to understand what a brand is, and why it’s important. Whether you have built one intentionally or not, your company already has a brand. In this 1 hour online training (participate on your own time), we \discuss what you want your brand experience to be, how you want your customers to feel, why your company exists (mission and vision) and the foundational values that steer your company.

Key outcomes session 1:

  • Understand your mission and vision
  • Develop the values that your company is founded on
  • Think about the customer experience that you wish to create

Session 2: How do I engage and learn from my customers? Customer research is a critical component to building your business, at every stage. In this 2 ½ hour workshop, we discuss target audiences, what drives their buying decisions and how that informs your strategy and marketing. We deep dive into developing customer personas, discuss how to conduct customer and competitor research and how to apply the information to your brand strategy.

Key outcomes of session 2:

  • Understand what drives your customers purchasing decisions
  • Begin to explore how to use customer centric language to make emotional connections
  • Deepen your knowledge of each of your key customer types, and understand how to group them into personas

Session 3: What does an intentional Brand Strategy include? In the third session, we: 1) review where you started by looking inward at your brand foundation, 2) explore what you have discovered through your customer research and 3) dive deeper into your brand messaging, positioning and visual assets. We start looking to the future as we pull of your learnings together to develop your unique differentiator, your value proposition and start assembling your brand strategy action plan.

Key outcomes of session 3:

  • Identify your unique differentiator
  • Review competitor and customer research to inform your brand positioning and messaging statements
  • Leave with feedback regarding brand visuals/assets and if there is area for improvement to ensure that those assets align with your newly informed brand purpose and message
  • Develop a road-map to guide future company operations and decisions, rooted in a solid foundation for why your company exists and what you are aiming to accomplish

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