What is Audacity in Action?

Doyenne has launched a monthly digital publication that explores what it looks like to build equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems and to invest in the power and potential of women entrepreneurs.

the publication will include:

  • Thought-provoking articles by Doyenne co-founders
  • Interviews highlighting a Doyenne portfolio company
  • Interviews with guest contributors who offer a unique perspective on entrepreneurship
  • Sponsored Content opportunities for organizations that share Doyenne’s mission to create ecosystems where women from all backgrounds thrive
  • Curated links to impactful articles about building companies that scale and disrupting the male-dominated startup ecosystem
  • Advertising opportunities for Doyenne member companies, and companies aligning with Doyenne’s mission

Audacity in Action isn’t just another newsletter cluttering up your inbox. Each issue will help you grow professionally and become a stronger ally to women entrepreneurs across the nation.

Doyenne will continue to deliver a separate monthly newsletter in each city we operate in showcasing events and new members, but this information will not be part of Audacity in Action publications.


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Audacity in Action Presenting Sponsor

Each publication of Audacity in Action will have a Presenting Sponsor, providing an opportunity for companies who believe in the Doyenne mission of creating inclusive and equitable entrepreneurial ecosystems to showcase their efforts to support our mission

  • Presenting Sponsor opportunity costs $3,000
  • Limited to 4 sponsorship opportunities per year

In return for your sponsorship your company will receive the following:

  1. Your logo will appear as the only sponsor in the newsletter, just below the header
  2. We will write three original articles (600-800 words) on a topic you choose featuring your company or your clients, based on interviews with up to 2 subject matter experts
  3. These articles will be written and promoted during your 3 months of sponsorship


These articles will highlight your belief in women entrepreneurship and steps your company is taking to make an equal landscape for women entrepreneurs. Each month, one of the articles will be published in Audacity in Action and promoted on Doyenne’s social media page. You will receive digital copies of each article for your company to release publicly.



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Business Advertising Space

Doyenne members and organizations who align with Doyenne’s mission are encouraged to purchase monthly ad space to promote your company

  • Ads cost $125 each
  • Company can purchase up to 12 ads per year
  • 4 company ad spaces available per publication

ad space DETAILS:

  1. Size: 600×400 px (Doyenne will work with you to make sure your image fits the necessary requirements, and a preview will be sent prior to the release of the publication featuring your ad)
  2. Each image will be directed to a URL of your choice when clicked by the reader
  3. Great opportunity to promote your company, event, promotion, etc.


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