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Our Mission

Build entrepreneurial ecosystems that invest in the power and potential of women entrepreneurs. The Doyenne model focuses four key strategies:

  • Develop: Expand entrepreneurial skills
  • Connect: Build and mobilize networks
  • Fund: Raise and invest dollars  
  • Collaborate: Partner to change the ecosystem

Our History

Doyenne was founded in 2012 by Heather Wentler and Amy Gannon to right two wrongs. First, to eliminate the gender gap in the entrepreneurial community and second, because they were tired of asking  time and again “where are all the women?” Rather than continue to complain, they decided to do something about it.  Doyenne is a 501c3 non-profit organization run by the founders, a Board of Directors and five volunteer committees.


It isn’t just what we do that makes us unique, it is also how we do it. Our unique approach is grounded in the beliefs and principles that shape the community we’re building.

  • The ecosystem is broken, not the women
  • Women are powerful and we take their ideas seriously
  • Entrepreneurship happens within a life, not the other way around
  • Entrepreneurship is a messy, iterative process. We all learn by doing
  • Vulnerability is a source of strength and necessary for personal growth

Our attitude:

  • Relentless. No waiting for permission or approval
  • Bold. Invisibility is not an option
  • Real. Tell it to each other straight
  • Fun. We laugh as often as possible. Life is too short


Doyenne has made an impressive impact on the Madison area in just four years. We have more than 150 members and are growing. Our programming has had a meaningful impact:

  • Doyenne entrepreneurs employ nearly 50 people
  • 42 entrepreneurs have participated in our strategic planning retreats and 5x5x5 pitch events
  • 423 entrepreneurs have connected with other members, mentors, business leaders, potential investors and customers at our Connect events

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